From the recording Faithful

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10 years later this song is still true. God is faithful. Josiah Ruff revisits one of his favorite songs in a new way. God is faithful. He is always there to give love, support, grace, and peace. My prayer is to be faithful just like Him.


Faithful that's what you are to me
Faithful you're never wavering
Every day you're the same
Whenever I call your name
You never fail to show me love
And so much grace
That's what you are to me
Faithful to me

So many times I've tried you Lord
In all of my selfishness
But you've been faithful to me
Despite of my foolishness

You have been faithful to me
Extended to me your mercy
And shewed unto me your grace

You can love Him cuz He gives you money
You can love Him cuz He healed your body
You can love Him for anything
But this is why I love my Jesus

He's faithful to me