Josiah Ruff - Recording Artist, Producer

Josiah Ruff, singer, songwriter, arranger, composer, producer, artist, a truly unique talent who has come to the forefront in this digital age but he still remembers a time when only a few people had cellphones. 

Josiah’s sound is NeoGospelPop. Imagine what that sounds like and you have him in a nutshell.

“They used to tell me I had that ‘sexy Jesus music’. Then it was ‘praise and worship’. Now it’s that ‘hymns guy’. But I like to call myself an artist. Life has afforded me many opportunities to arrange, compose and produce music in a number of different genres yet they all sound just like me.”

“I remember when I first started playing and singing on the piano. I used to goof off in class 7th period trying to impress the girls. One day I was at it again and the sub for the day hired me to play for his church. That was it for me I knew I wanted, needed to be a musician for life.”

Josiah has sung on many big stages around the United States and before audiences of several thousands of people. He is quite comfortable singing to an audience of one or a million. 

Josiah’s message is clear. God is love, God is faithful, God is everything you need. From ballads to bangers and everything in between, Josiah sings and affirms, edifies and uplifts the faith of those who hear him. 

Josiah has written, arranged, produced and sung seven studio albums and an eighth album is currently on the way. He has also lent his voice to hundreds of studio productions as a featured artist, background vocalist or voiceover and motivational speaker.