1. Bless Me

From the recording Believe

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Bless Me
Written and Produced by: Josiah Ruff

I’ve been headed down this road
For long enough to know
That nothing good is coming

I’ve been struggling alone all this time
And I’m so tired of running

Suddenly it hits me
I don’t have a retreat
Cuz the enemy I’m fighting is in me

I know if I hold on
Pain is certain to come
But my victory will be waiting in the morning


I’m not gonna let go
Not until you bless me
I’m not gonna let go
Not until you bless me

I’ve been trying to figure out
What it is in me that attracts you
Given my history it’s hard for me to believe
That love is the only cue

If that’s what the case is
It’s pointless to be faithless
Cuz your love will endure
Through apparent defeat
But if I just believe then
You can take control and
Be my strength in the times
When I’m weak


I just want my life to change
I just need a brand new start
Isn’t there a way you could
Change my heart

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