Not This Again! 

Every year I set out to keep this blog up and it seem like every year I fall off. LOL. IDK why I have soo much to share :-)....

Anyway, I'm back again to try again. Last year was a blast and I wanna tell you all about it as I tell you about this year as it unfolds.

My musical journey has lead me down a path that I never knew existed. The WORD truly is a lamp.

I'll share more on my next post. I love you all in Christ!

Sometimes I just wanna jump! 

Super hard day today. I think it's cuz I am tired but my kids were really trying today :-)... Ha Ha these days it's so hard to be Christlike and yet that's not an excuse to sin...

Well needlessto say I failed today - lost it a few times from spaggettii all over the floor to spilled beans in the back seat of the car my patience is THIN!!! LOL

Oh well, the day is done and they are sleep and I'm left to reflect they will forget and I'll be on my knees for months repenting. such is the life...

What do you do when life gets the best of you?

Nothing to Fear 

Numbers 23:19

God is not man, that he should lie,

or a son of man, that he should change his mind.

Has he said, and will he not do it?

Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfill it…


These words give me a lot of courage! For as the

song “Amazing Grace” says,

‘The Lord has promised good to me 

on His word my HOPE is secure…’


As a Christian we always need to be mindful that

this world is not a bed of roses however when we

walk with the Lord He promises that all things

will work together for our good! Because of that

I’m encouraged to day. 


Because of that although things may not be what I

think they should be I have no fear because I

surrendered my life to Him and His will for my

life. How about you? 


If you haven’t done so take a moment right now and

recommit your life to Christ again so we all can

live without fear knowing that our eternal destiny

is secure!


As always I appreciate your comments, prayers,

requests and testimonies let me into your life as

I open mine to you. God Bless!


I wrote a song about this very same topic it’s

called “Nothing to Fear” on my latest release

‘Awesome’ you can check it out here:



Will You Pray for Me... 

By now I’m sure you’ve heard my testimony about my calling
and I appreciate all of the letters and comments received.
If you haven’t heard you can see it here:

What you probably don’t know is that I am an elder in my
local church and from time to time I get called upon to

This is an awesome responsibility that I do not take

As I prepare my sermon and as I get my heart and mind
prepared to minister with the spoken word please pray for
me. Simply say to God, “please put your words in that man’s

That is taken form Jeremiah 1:9. My words have no power but
when I am fully yielded to God through His power His word
will go forth mightily.

So will you pray for me?

Thanx in advance!

P.S. “Thee Father Himself Loves You!”

Look at Me! Shut Your Mouth! 

So I just released my sixth album. It was a long journey and I'm quite proud of the accomplishment. But the work doesn't stop there not even by a little bit. Because without a marketing team, street team or promotional squad awareness for my music is solely up to me. So instead of being daunted and discouraged I turn to the Word. 

In Genesis 12:1-3, God asks Abram one thing... To go. But then God promises like a thousand things.

I find great comfort in that because God only asks us to do the minimum and if we are willing to do that He does soo much more.

What do you think?

God has a gun to my head... 

There's a picture of God in the world of a cosmic all powerful person saying, "love me or else". And with this image most of us go about our lives trying hard to manufacture feelings of love toward this person. The other end is that folks for whom the dissonance is to great choose not to believe in such a person. Can I really love God if he's holding a proverbial gun to my head? 

The story is told that there is a teacher who tells the class to sit down. All but one comply with her demand. The teacher turns to the rebellious student and reiterates the command and the student still refuses to obey. At last the teacher storms over to the student and thrust him down angrily into his desk chair where the boy should have been seated. To which the boy exclaims, "I may be seated but I'm standing in my mind!"
Can we really love God under the threat of hell? I suggest that it may produce outward obedience but those actions will not change our hearts and that's what God really wants. 
Right now through the life and person of Jesus Christ, God is trying to win us over by love... He says "I will allure you... And speak kindly to you... So that one day you will not refer to me as master but as husband."
The deep heartfelt love relationship that seeks the good of the one loved is what God wants from all of us. Lets not serve Him any longer because of the fear of hell or temporal retribution but because we see His loveliness and the sweet thing He has spoken to us in His words and we are smitten to love Him back because that is our genuine heartfelt response. 
It is by love that love can be awakened... Dispel the image of the tyrant that you have in your mind and embrace the truth "God is Love". 
When it's all over God wants you to choose to love Him that's the only thing in this whole universe that is yours to freely give. Would you choose to give it today?  



Are You Deceived? 

I had a real interesting thought as I was sleeping last night. "Waking up In Laodecia". Sounds kinda ominous huh? Well it was... Although I understand salvation I also understand the time wherein which we are living in and they are abnormally hard and treacherous. 

I don't think that for one second that God has turned His back on me but I believe that He is pleading with me, and you as well, through the Holy Spirit to come a little higher up and deeper in.  To let my declaration be apparent to the world and not just at church on Sabbath or with fellow believers. 
I know that there is a deception taking place in this world that most are unaware of that will decide our ultimate fate of spending eternity will Jesus or not existing at all. 
What can we do? The bible say "repent so that your sins may be forgiven and your names remain in the book of life".
And so that's what I must do... 
Repent. Turn away from sin so that my name may remain in the book of life. That task is too difficult for me but God will supply the power when His Word gives the command. 
I don't want to go into too much more detail right now but we can talk here... 
In fact I encourage it, what are your thoughts?



What Peace We Often Forfeit 

Still talking about prayer...

We all know that prayer is a spiritual discipline that needs to be cultivated in order for spiritual maturity to come to fruition, right? Great. Here's something astonishing that I bet you didn't know either... The average person (Christian) prays about 7-9 minutes a day. Please take that fact like a rumor because I didn't have time to flesh it out sincerely but it seemed about right. 

3 minutes when you awake, 1 or 2 during meals and a couple when going to bed....

This is unfortunate because prayer is the primary source through which we can ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to come into our lives and if we are only praying a short while then we really aren't communing with God. 

That wasn't my point today though it is this....

Family prayer is great, corporate prayer is awesome but what is best is the alone personal times with just you and the Lord. The bible says that Jesus' disciples saw Jesus praying so much that they were like... teach us to do it the way you do. 

God longs to hear our voice, alone so that He can speak to us individually and show us things that are not meant for anyone else. Private prayer and study is needful in these last day for we will all stand alone before God to be judged on our characters. 

Take this as a challenge, try to increase your praying time by five minutes a week... I guarantee that God will be there as long as you are and you will see that you Biblical studies will become deeper and deeper and your taste for godly things will grow as the appeal of this world will diminish. 

Who's up to the challenge... Anyone want to share a testimony?

When You Pray... 

Continuing on prayer this week... so many things that God wants to show us and do for us in our lives for His glory and for the advancement of the Kingdom. The blessing are there we must simply ask for them and then believe in faith that we shall receive the thing that we desire. For those that come to God must first believe that He is (the fulfillment of every good thing) and He rewards those that diligently seek Him. 

One more thing before I go... Make sure that your life is in alignment with the promises of God. Consider this statement: How can we best apply this to our lives today? This is the day to overcome, do you believe that you can? I believe that we can all have the victory we seek through prayer if we ask in faith and live like He asks us to live.

What do you think?

"Pray in faith. And be sure to bring your lives into harmony with your petitions, that you may receive the blessings for which you pray. - E. G. White

How can we best apply this to our lives today? This is the day to overcome, do you believe that you can? I believe that we can all have the victory we seek through prayer if we ask in faith and live like He asks us to live.

What do you think?