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What Peace We Often Forfeit

Still talking about prayer...

We all know that prayer is a spiritual discipline that needs to be cultivated in order for spiritual maturity to come to fruition, right? Great. Here's something astonishing that I bet you didn't know either... The average person (Christian) prays about 7-9 minutes a day. Please take that fact like a rumor because I didn't have time to flesh it out sincerely but it seemed about right. 

3 minutes when you awake, 1 or 2 during meals and a couple when going to bed....

This is unfortunate because prayer is the primary source through which we can ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to come into our lives and if we are only praying a short while then we really aren't communing with God. 

That wasn't my point today though it is this....

Family prayer is great, corporate prayer is awesome but what is best is the alone personal times with just you and the Lord. The bible says that Jesus' disciples saw Jesus praying so much that they were like... teach us to do it the way you do. 

God longs to hear our voice, alone so that He can speak to us individually and show us things that are not meant for anyone else. Private prayer and study is needful in these last day for we will all stand alone before God to be judged on our characters. 

Take this as a challenge, try to increase your praying time by five minutes a week... I guarantee that God will be there as long as you are and you will see that you Biblical studies will become deeper and deeper and your taste for godly things will grow as the appeal of this world will diminish. 

Who's up to the challenge... Anyone want to share a testimony?

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