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Hope For Tomorrow

My "people" say that I should post here more often so that I can get traffic, visitors and people interested in my ministry... I'm like - I don't know what to write because I always think I have to be DEEP. 

Well let me put that myth to bed right now. I'm not deep. Sometime I have moments when I'm really thinking about something and I get caught up or I hear a word from a preacher and I have to share it but all the while, I'm just Josiah tying to make it live all of you who are here. 

But I tell you this one thing, God is wonderful and he has allowed me to finish another studio project and I'm so proud of the messages He has given me and I just want to share them with the world. 

I think that's the whole point... sharing so that our (well mine right now) testimonies can help us overcome and you know why.... 

Cause "Faith Comes By Hearing"

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