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Grace for Today

So I'm thinking about what I read in worship today... Jude 24 err I think, yeah that's it.

Well it was the whole book (letter). Anyway, one thing that really stuck to me today was the doxology - now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling...

Sometimes I think of grace as something just to use when I need forgiveness but God gives us grace to keep us from falling too. That's the kind of grace I'm needing for today. What about you?

I'm tired of messing up and begging God for forgiveness or bargaining with Him or worst yet not praying at all because I'm ashamed that I fell to the same old same old. I'm sure I'm the only one...

Well when you get sometime today check out that blessing/promise, He can and will keep us from falling and then He'll be able to present us FAULTLESS (hallelujah) before the Father!

Take care y'all

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