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Faith Comes By Hearing


So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

- Romans 10:17

There was a time in my life wen I used to let whole weeks go by without opening the Bible not even once to check the memory verse. It is no wonder that those times were the ones when I felt the most discouraged in my life.

Am I the only one who has gone through that? And we know that God has never left us but it is us who have "left" Him, but in those time I would always say that He didn't care about me! I had nerve :-/

But when I would find my way to church on Sabbath and I would partake in the worship, knowing I was unworthy of even the breath God was giving to me at that moment, my hope would return and my faith would be strengthened...through the Word spoken to me.

And in those time I would "feel" like all things are possible. Until the next crisis. Or the next time I would forget to pray and study.

But even though I am fickle and I hardly keep my word to God, I'm glad He doesn't treat me that way. He said He'd NEVER leave me nor forsake me. So even when times are tough He's still there holding me through those times.

So one Sabbath I had an "A-HAH" moment, about the text up there, and I figured it doesn't say read the word but to HEAR the word and that's how faith comes. So I decided since I was negligent about reading I would make more time to hear and I went out a bought The Bible on CDs and listened to them on my long drives everyday.

I know it might sound cheesy but just that little thing that I have done has been the difference in my attitude throughout the years. Yes I still struggle with discouragement but I never despair. Sometimes I feel alone but never forsaken. Because I know what the Word says, I've heard it with my own ears and tried it with my life and I've seen God's goodness. Even to me.

To those of us who have a hard time reading the Word take time to turn off everything else and listen to It, I guarantee your faith will grow. He even says that it will and that's a promise you can count on!

Faith comes by hearing Your Word and holding to what it says. And if I have faith I can do ALL things, like even move those mountains over there...

Enjoy the song and I pray that the WORDS bless you REAL GOOD!

I wish you God's Best!

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