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Do You Throw Darts At Jesus?

Every time I look at that title it makes me want to laugh, it seems so silly to throw "darts" at Jesus. But just give me a second and I'll tell you what I mean.

Is there someone at your church that you can't get away from but you can't stand them? I mean they make your skin crawl, or you just flat out don't like them and you know they don't like you? Is it safe to call them your enemy? Yeah let's do that.

Now think back, when you think about, come in contact with, or just see them, do you have the urge to mistreat them or talk crazy about/ to them? You see there that where the darts come in...

Let's do some review shall we? Jesus LOVES the church and gave himself up for it. So when we mistreat the people that are in the church we are really mistreating Jesus. I can prove it.

When Jesus confronted Saul, He asked him why he (Saul) was persecuting Me (Jesus). But Saul was going after Christians and Jesus had already ascended right? Right. But Christ see His church as an extension of Himself not separate, so when we mistreat his people in the church, even the ones we don't like or even call our enemies, we mistreat Him.

There was a professor that was going to teach this same concept (except he had exact scriptures and more compelling points, I gave you the Josiah version) but he wanted the message to be very vivid in the minds of his students. So he made a huge poster with a target on it. Then he instructed his students to envision the person that they couldn't stand that of course went to the same church or another (generally apart of the body of Christ), think of the thing that they really got them all upset about them then he handed each student a dart and told them to picture that person as they threw the dart at the target.

After all their frustrations were out and the poster had plenty of holes in it the professor turned the poster around and on the other side was a picture of Jesus but with holes in it.

So again do you throw darts at Jesus? I know I have, but with His grace I will do what he tells me to do:

Pray for your enemies.

Bless and do not curse (speak well of)

Be kind to those who hate you.

This is a supernatural work but He will help you, let's do it together. What are your thoughts?

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Wow! You hit below the belt and right at the heart of all sin.

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