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Are You Deceived?

I had a real interesting thought as I was sleeping last night. "Waking up In Laodecia". Sounds kinda ominous huh? Well it was... Although I understand salvation I also understand the time wherein which we are living in and they are abnormally hard and treacherous. 

I don't think that for one second that God has turned His back on me but I believe that He is pleading with me, and you as well, through the Holy Spirit to come a little higher up and deeper in.  To let my declaration be apparent to the world and not just at church on Sabbath or with fellow believers. 
I know that there is a deception taking place in this world that most are unaware of that will decide our ultimate fate of spending eternity will Jesus or not existing at all. 
What can we do? The bible say "repent so that your sins may be forgiven and your names remain in the book of life".
And so that's what I must do... 
Repent. Turn away from sin so that my name may remain in the book of life. That task is too difficult for me but God will supply the power when His Word gives the command. 
I don't want to go into too much more detail right now but we can talk here... 
In fact I encourage it, what are your thoughts?



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