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~ Faithful ~

“Know therefore that the LORD your God, He is God, the faithful God, who keeps His covenant and His loving kindness to a thousandth generation with those who love Him and keep His commandments;”

Deuteronomy 7:9

God cannot lie. He can never make a mistake. All of His promises are Yes and Amen.

Thinking back on my life and all that I’ve done, I can’t help but to think that God has been more than faithful to me.

Many times I have gone and done my own thing and He has brought me back unharmed when I didn’t deserve it.

I remember a time when I was in Maryland visiting a friend for the holidays and we got this idiotic notion to race our cars on the Beltway. I had a jet black, Mercury Mystique and my friend was driving a blue Acura Integra.

We started to race and we were going well. I was keeping an eye on the speedometer and I saw that we were exceeding 100 mph. I’m in the lead now and thinking highly of myself saying, “Who said Fords couldn’t go fast!”

Then about ¼ mile later I noticed that I began to really pull away. Rather my friend slowed down.

Being that He was from that area and I from California, he knew something about the Beltway that I didn’t know but I have never forgot since that night.

There was a sharp turn approaching and if I did not slow my car down to at least50 mph I would be in danger of a horrible accident.

So what do you do when you need to slow a car down fast that’s traveling at the rate of 100 mph? You slam on the breaks of course. But I know I did not slow down in time.

As I am mashing as hard as I can on the break peddle a trying to maneuver the car so that I don’t hit any other car my car starts to spin out of control. Mind you there are three other people in the car with me all of whom which thought racing was a good idea as well but were now recanting their position.

So the car is spinning out of control, round and round, smoke everywhere, we can’t see a thing and in about 2 seconds but it seemed to us a lifetime, the car stopped.

When the smoke cleared I looked outside of my driver’s side window and saw a 3 ½ foot yellow pole. I was about an inch from having an intimate connection with it.

I’d like to say that I never raced my car again but I can’t. I’d like to say that I was always on good behavior from that point on but that isn’t true either. I can simply say that that night God spared my life; because of His loving kindness and His tender mercies toward me and not the other way around. It was for His name sake that we were spared that night so that one day I could tell you how good He is and prove it!

You can love Him because He gives you money. You can love Him because He healed your body. You can love Him for anything but I love my Jesus because He is faithful, faithful to me!

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