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Not This Again!

Every year I set out to keep this blog up and it seem like every year I fall off. LOL. IDK why I have soo much to share :-)....

Anyway, I'm back again to try again. Last year was a blast and I wanna tell you all about it as I tell you about this year as it unfolds.

My musical journey has lead me down a path that I never knew existed. The WORD truly is a lamp.

I'll share more on my next post. I love you all in Christ!

Sometimes I just wanna jump!

Super hard day today. I think it's cuz I am tired but my kids were really trying today :-)... Ha Ha these days it's so hard to be Christlike and yet that's not an excuse to sin...

Well needlessto say I failed today - lost it a few times from spaggettii all over the floor to spilled beans in the back seat of the car my patience is THIN!!! LOL

Oh well, the day is done and they are sleep and I'm left to reflect they will forget and I'll be on my knees for months repenting. such is the life...

What do you do when life gets the best of you?

In You | Josiah Ruff on Guitar???

Just playing around with a new song... 

This is where I usually write most of my songs but I don't play well enough to record.. anyway I wanted to be brave.

What do you think?

Nothing to Fear

As a Christian we always need to be mindful that

this world is not a bed of roses however when we

walk with the Lord He promises that all things

will work together for our good! Because of that

I’m encouraged to day. 

Will You Pray for Me...

By now I’m sure you’ve heard my testimony about my calling
and I appreciate all of the letters and comments received.
If you haven’t heard you can see it here:

What you probably don’t know is that I am an elder in my
local church and from time to time I get called upon to

This is an awesome responsibility that I do not take

As I prepare my sermon and as I get my heart and mind
prepared to minister with the spoken word please pray for
me. Simply say to God, “please put your words in that man’s

That is taken form Jeremiah 1:9. My words have no power but
when I am fully yielded to God through His power His word
will go forth mightily.

So will you pray for me?

Thanx in advance!

P.S. “Thee Father Himself Loves You!”

Look at Me! Shut Your Mouth!

So I just released my sixth album. It was a long journey and I'm quite proud of the accomplishment. But the work doesn't stop there not even by a little bit. Because without a marketing team, street team or promotional squad awareness for my music is solely up to me. So instead of being daunted and discouraged I turn to the Word. 

In Genesis 12:1-3, God asks Abram one thing... To go. But then God promises like a thousand things.

I find great comfort in that because God only asks us to do the minimum and if we are willing to do that He does soo much more.

What do you think?

God has a gun to my head...

There's a picture of God in the world of a cosmic all powerful person saying, "love me or else". And with this image most of us go about our lives trying hard to manufacture feelings of love toward this person. The other end is that folks for whom the dissonance is to great choose not to believe in such a person. Can I really love God if he's holding a proverbial gun to my head? 

The story is told that there is a teacher who tells the class to sit down. All but one comply with her demand. The teacher turns to the rebellious student and reiterates the command and the student still refuses to obey. At last the teacher storms over to the student and thrust him down angrily into his desk chair where the boy should have been seated. To which the boy exclaims, "I may be seated but I'm standing in my mind!"
Can we really love God under the threat of hell? I suggest that it may produce outward obedience but those actions will not change our hearts and that's what God really wants. 
Right now through the life and person of Jesus Christ, God is trying to win us over by love... He says "I will allure you... And speak kindly to you... So that one day you will not refer to me as master but as husband."
The deep heartfelt love relationship that seeks the good of the one loved is what God wants from all of us. Lets not serve Him any longer because of the fear of hell or temporal retribution but because we see His loveliness and the sweet thing He has spoken to us in His words and we are smitten to love Him back because that is our genuine heartfelt response. 
It is by love that love can be awakened... Dispel the image of the tyrant that you have in your mind and embrace the truth "God is Love". 
When it's all over God wants you to choose to love Him that's the only thing in this whole universe that is yours to freely give. Would you choose to give it today?  



Are You Deceived?

I had a real interesting thought as I was sleeping last night. "Waking up In Laodecia". Sounds kinda ominous huh? Well it was... Although I understand salvation I also understand the time wherein which we are living in and they are abnormally hard and treacherous. 

I don't think that for one second that God has turned His back on me but I believe that He is pleading with me, and you as well, through the Holy Spirit to come a little higher up and deeper in.  To let my declaration be apparent to the world and not just at church on Sabbath or with fellow believers. 
I know that there is a deception taking place in this world that most are unaware of that will decide our ultimate fate of spending eternity will Jesus or not existing at all. 
What can we do? The bible say "repent so that your sins may be forgiven and your names remain in the book of life".
And so that's what I must do... 
Repent. Turn away from sin so that my name may remain in the book of life. That task is too difficult for me but God will supply the power when His Word gives the command. 
I don't want to go into too much more detail right now but we can talk here... 
In fact I encourage it, what are your thoughts?



What Peace We Often Forfeit

Still talking about prayer...

We all know that prayer is a spiritual discipline that needs to be cultivated in order for spiritual maturity to come to fruition, right? Great. Here's something astonishing that I bet you didn't know either... The average person (Christian) prays about 7-9 minutes a day. Please take that fact like a rumor because I didn't have time to flesh it out sincerely but it seemed about right. 

3 minutes when you awake, 1 or 2 during meals and a couple when going to bed....

This is unfortunate because prayer is the primary source through which we can ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to come into our lives and if we are only praying a short while then we really aren't communing with God. 

That wasn't my point today though it is this....

Family prayer is great, corporate prayer is awesome but what is best is the alone personal times with just you and the Lord. The bible says that Jesus' disciples saw Jesus praying so much that they were like... teach us to do it the way you do. 

God longs to hear our voice, alone so that He can speak to us individually and show us things that are not meant for anyone else. Private prayer and study is needful in these last day for we will all stand alone before God to be judged on our characters. 

Take this as a challenge, try to increase your praying time by five minutes a week... I guarantee that God will be there as long as you are and you will see that you Biblical studies will become deeper and deeper and your taste for godly things will grow as the appeal of this world will diminish. 

Who's up to the challenge... Anyone want to share a testimony?

When You Pray...

Continuing on prayer this week... so many things that God wants to show us and do for us in our lives for His glory and for the advancement of the Kingdom. The blessing are there we must simply ask for them and then believe in faith that we shall receive the thing that we desire. For those that come to God must first believe that He is (the fulfillment of every good thing) and He rewards those that diligently seek Him. 

One more thing before I go... Make sure that your life is in alignment with the promises of God. Consider this statement: How can we best apply this to our lives today? This is the day to overcome, do you believe that you can? I believe that we can all have the victory we seek through prayer if we ask in faith and live like He asks us to live.

What do you think?

"Pray in faith. And be sure to bring your lives into harmony with your petitions, that you may receive the blessings for which you pray. - E. G. White

How can we best apply this to our lives today? This is the day to overcome, do you believe that you can? I believe that we can all have the victory we seek through prayer if we ask in faith and live like He asks us to live.

What do you think?

Prayer is The Key...

It's a GREAT day to serve the Lord and walk in the light of His love! So many things have been going on over the last few months that I want to share and I just never find time to do it. But NOW is always a great time to talk about the goodness of God!

But before I go into my testimony posts I just wanted to share a quick though about prayer that I read a minute ago and thought that you should see it too...


"Prayer is heaven's ordained means of success in the conflict with sin and the development of Christian character." - E.G. White 


So if you are thinking that your prayers are useless, pray.

When you are discouraged, pray.

When you are weary, pray

When you are tempter, pray more!

Pray so that you can gain the victory and then tell others how you made it over. Believe it or not people like stories of victorious living and yours should be added to them. I striving for mine how about you?

Feel free to share comments and feelings - the floor is yours.

Promise Keeper

I sang at ZION SDA Church this evening. I did a cover of Fred Hammond's "Promise Keeper". They are raising money for their building fund. I was glad to be apart.

I chose the song for the lyrics alone. In every turn of your life remember that God is NEVER wavering He is the ultimate Promise Keeper! You know where you can find promises to hold God to? Yep right in His word, the Bible. 

There you can find refuge and strength for any season of your life and as always...

"Faith Comes By Hearing"

Hope For Tomorrow

My "people" say that I should post here more often so that I can get traffic, visitors and people interested in my ministry... I'm like - I don't know what to write because I always think I have to be DEEP. 

Well let me put that myth to bed right now. I'm not deep. Sometime I have moments when I'm really thinking about something and I get caught up or I hear a word from a preacher and I have to share it but all the while, I'm just Josiah tying to make it live all of you who are here. 

But I tell you this one thing, God is wonderful and he has allowed me to finish another studio project and I'm so proud of the messages He has given me and I just want to share them with the world. 

I think that's the whole point... sharing so that our (well mine right now) testimonies can help us overcome and you know why.... 

Cause "Faith Comes By Hearing"

Grace for Today

So I'm thinking about what I read in worship today... Jude 24 err I think, yeah that's it.

Well it was the whole book (letter). Anyway, one thing that really stuck to me today was the doxology - now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling...

Sometimes I think of grace as something just to use when I need forgiveness but God gives us grace to keep us from falling too. That's the kind of grace I'm needing for today. What about you?

I'm tired of messing up and begging God for forgiveness or bargaining with Him or worst yet not praying at all because I'm ashamed that I fell to the same old same old. I'm sure I'm the only one...

Well when you get sometime today check out that blessing/promise, He can and will keep us from falling and then He'll be able to present us FAULTLESS (hallelujah) before the Father!

Take care y'all

Guiding Light

I still say that the time I spent with Montaj was some of the best years of my life. We came together, I still say that God did it, to sing and get famous but I believe now that it was for our edification and my education. The things I learned, the lessons in humility the ensued... Anyway, I wanted to share this song. It's one of the ones we did as a group it's not the whole thing but I think you'll like it.  

When Did We Stop Believing?

There's a story in the Bible where the whole nation of Israel is in the midst of a terrible calamity at the hand of a pursing king. This king wants to wipe Israel off the map and plant his banner where the hole is that he left. In front of all the hosts of Judah, the king kneels down and prays. He says in the prayer, "we don't know what to do but our eyes are fixed on You". 

That day God wrought a marvelous victory for His people and centuries later we tell this story to our kids to show them the power of God. 

I'm all grown up and I have kids of my own and I look out into this world and survey all the evil that is in it and I cringe because it too i seeking to take us, children of God, out and plat it's preverbal flag where our hole is left. We pray just like that good king all those years ago, we might even fast if it will help. We seem to go through all of the motions but our hearts never white believe that God will come through like we used to hear in the stories. 

Be honest. When is the last time you prayed for something and truly needed it to happen and then believed that God would work a miracle? Truth is that most of us believe that the miracle is within ourselves, "if we believe". Isn't that what the song says? So if we just work hard enough, try hard enough, cooperate with God enough or something like that it will work out. And if it doesn't well… we didn't want it that bad anyway.

I just lost something dear to me and I truly wanted it. I prayed, cried and prayed some more but it still was lost to me. I do not have peace over the thing because I know it was not God's will that I should loose it. Yet I still believe in God's power to restore in this life. 

I am reminded of a text in Jeremiah 23. It reads: 

6. In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is his name whereby he shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

7. Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that they shall no more say, The LORD liveth, which brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt;

8. But, The LORD liveth, which brought up and which led the seed of the house of Israel out of the north country, and from all countries whither I had driven them; and they shall dwell in their own land.

This promise is ancient yet I am one of those weird ones who still believes in it. God wants to be our salvation today! He wants us to stop looking at the "Faith of our Fathers" and establish faith for ourselves. He wants us to stop being like Martha at Lazarus' tomb and putting off God's deliverance until whenever, when Jesus says that He is our deliverance TODAY.

Many of us are like that invalid man at the pool of Bethesda. We want to be healed but we can't seem to work hard enough to get there and when it seems like there's a breakthrough coming we are always NEXT in line but not receiving it. Yet Jesus is standing over us asking if we want to be healed and we don't have the since enough to believe that He can do it. 

When did we stop believing? 

The minute we decided that prayer doesn't work and that we must work for ourselves. Well I for one want to live a life that will take God at His word and believe Him for my healing, my victory and my breakthrough. He promised me in John 16 that in this world I'm going to have a hard time but that I should not be discouraged because He has overcome this world. It is through that same power that I too will overcome by faith with tribulations but with increase in favor from the LIVING GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Josiah.

How Do You Love That Way?

So we are here at the end of another year. So much has happened in seemingly so little time. I'm reflecting on this year and the promises I've made and have not kept. All the plans I had that did not come through. Yet the one constant in my life is the Lord. 

So we are here at the end of another year. So much has happened in seemingly so little time. I'm reflecting on this year and the promises I've made and have not kept. All the plans I had that did not come through. Yet the one constant in my life is the Lord. 

I'm just thinking about all the grace He has extended to me and I'm so grateful and the least I can do to say thanks is to live a life that is pleasing to Him. 

But every now and again I'm baffled by this question... WHY?

It brings me to this song I want to share with you... We may not know the full reason for God's love towards us but whatever it is I sure don't want it to stop.


~ In My Heart There Rings A Melody ~

In My Heart There Rings A Melody Uploaded by ruffisthree. - Explore more music videos.

Hello Everybody!

Ok I bet you guys can tell that I'm excited...

This is my first post in my new blog, it took me some time to get it up but I hope that you all enjoy the conversation and thought's that I will share with you as the days go by.

I'm gonna be sharing things that I have learned in life and in God. I want everyone that comes here to understand that we all have an opinion and an understanding of the...

~ It's Easy ~

Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are doing wrong that we forget God's invitation to come to Him.

I heard a sermon a few years ago explaining the word chatazomi (i don't speak or write greek so don't slaughter me if i spelled it wrong) ad it basically means "already forgiven." Isn't that awesome?!

All we have to do is grab a hold of that and just come to Him. David, is a psalm says that God will NOT despise a broken spirit and a contrite heart so if you are at that point and you need a place to turn... 

~ Love Came Down ~

Everyone has their own interpretation of the Gospel message. I like to keep mine simple, because if it is simple and not convoluted, it’s easy to bring into mind and not hard to reflect upon.

My version is simply this: Jesus came live and died, for me and for you so that we could be with Him one day.

Yeah I know that there are so many other nuances to the whole deal but in essence it is summed up in John 3:16. If you believe with me then the Bible later says that you already have eternal life just because you believe in Jesus. What a God. What a man. What a story. It’s the greatest story, the one that we will be telling forever and ever...

~ Lord I Need You...More Than I Can Say ~

Have you ever felt guilty for asking God for something when you know you have not been what you thought you should be? But you ask anyway. Hoping the God will somehow excuse your negligence and grant you "wish" that you so desire (excuse me) NEED. Why do we do that? Could it be that we are not as spiritual as we claim to be? Let's face it, by whatever standard we live by, or hold in our minds, we have all fallen short of our own ideas. So even if we've fallen, strayed or just plain walked away from God remember this...


Seriously this is what He says... "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are...

Just A Thought...

Here's an interesting though for today: It’s easy (usually) to be kind to those we like. But what about those we don’t? Think of those you find very disagreeable. How would they react if you displayed a humble and gentle attitude toward them? Through God’s grace, give it a try (remembering, too, that you might not always be the most likable and lovable soul either). Please comment and tell me what you think?

- Josiah

Do You Throw Darts At Jesus?

After all their frustrations were out and the poster had plenty of holes in it the professor turned the poster around and on the other side was a picture of Jesus but with holes in it.

Faith Comes By Hearing

~ Save The World ~

What is the significance of one?

There was this one world

And it alone fell

By one action

One family was condemned forever

But there was hope

For one seed would come

And by one act restore all

Now there is one faith

One God and One Way

One hope that we all share


~ Faithful ~

“Know therefore that the LORD your God, He is God, the faithful God, who keeps His covenant and His loving kindness to a thousandth generation with those who love Him and keep His commandments;”

Deuteronomy 7:9

God cannot lie. He can never make a mistake. All of His promises are Yes and Amen.

Thinking back on my life and all that I’ve done, I can’t help but to think that God has been more than faithful to me.

Many times I have gone and done my own thing and He has brought me back unharmed when I didn’t deserve it.

I remember a time when I was in Maryland visiting a friend for the holidays and we got this idiotic notion to race our cars on the Beltway. I had a jet black, Mercury Mystique and...

~ No Condemnation ~

There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus made me free from the law of sin and of death. For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God, sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh:

Romans 8:1-3


When you are in Christ you are a new creature.

I’m gonna stay away from the cliché as best as I can but I will say that our very nature changes.

Where there was guilt and shame there is joy and peace. Before you did not have the power to resist evil; I’m sure that most of you were...

Hello Again World!!!

Ok! So this is yet another blog for me, but the first post here on my new site!

You may know already but I'm really not great at keeping up but since it's the new year I thought I'd give it another shot! Pray for me ya'll.

Oh and keep checking in cuz when the conversation gets going... you know what happens!

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