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Run To Jesus

by Josiah Ruff

Released 2007
Released 2007
Warm comfort for a cold world.
Our everyday interactions give insight to who we are. Our song gives a reflection of our heart and intentions. Josiah Ruff's song is that of spiritual practicality. There are times when the walk with God, evolves into jogs and sprints, and periods when you're at a standstill. Through his music Josiah gives recognition to these struggles that are easily identifiable to anyone. He exposes his own imperfections in his song "Stand," and expresses to the listener, that even if life isn’t going as planned hold firmly to your belief in God’s power to keep you. It is refreshing to sense the fallibilities, yet the sincerity of Josiah's sound. But Josiah, who began singing at age 9, understands that his music is a mirror of his personality, and his insight in song is representative of the multi-faceted nature of human beings; those include our spirituality, love, our downfalls, and just mere human expression. As a music artist, Josiah not only sings, but produces and writes his own material. His style and very manner is an involuntary music process, and in order to purge himself, his music, notes, song lyrics, and thoughts end up on napkins, scrap paper, recorded on his phone or whatever else is accessible for recall. Through his progression as an artist Josiah's music has changed also, being open to different genres of music being that our lives are not one-sided, and he rationalizes, "God doesn't give you a spiritual life and not a regular one." Yet his soulful interludes and powerful declarations of song give a deeper meaning to his offering of praise. His music is simply how he refers to his concept of spirituality "something you can hold onto," and in an era where everything seemingly fails to adhere, that reassurance is a blessing.