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Josiah Ruff - Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Arranger, Father, Brother, Son

Josiah Ruff, a singer, songwriter and producer has self produced and written five projects and has established himself as a sought after producer/engineer having numerous production credits for several independent Gospel projects. His artistry is unique inspirational and intentionally Gospel, though you could compare him stylistically to Brian Mcknight and Boys II Men.

Josiah comes from a small town in Central California and has been playing the piano since he was nine years old. At 17 he gave his heart to the Lord believing he and his brother were called by God to preach and when you hear him sing you realize that his pulpit is the piano and the music is the sermons God gives him to inspire everyone that hears his melodies.

He says "I won't say that the road hasn't been difficult. There have been challenges, setbacks, failures and disappointments, but through it all I've had a chance to see the working of God in my life and I've been able to share those experiences through my music."

Josiah is married to Sarah Ruff and has a son and a daughter. He currently serves as minister music which keeps him busy between studio projects and concert dates.





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